Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A busy week for us

Saturday afternoon we heading off to the chili cook-off in Richmond. It was fun and we got to taste a wide variety of different chilis. Some with very odd names like "swamp gas chili". We also got to hear and see a few bands. We didn't sit down and watch the music much because we were too busy walking around and enjoying ourselves. It ended up getting REALLY hot and we were getting sunburn, so we left a little early.
A great name for a restaurant!

I look rough...but here's us :)

Safetysuit (hope I got that right!)

Part of Puddle Of Mudd

The rest of the week has been pretty relaxed. Braxton had his first "spaghetti" yesterday. I actually cheated and got the Beechnut Table Time meal. He loved it anyway. Oh and I forgot to post that he is now 10 months old (since Friday!). Oh, how the time flies!!!

Looking a little shocked

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