Friday, March 7, 2008

Time Alone

Last night my dad picked Braxton up and they went on their way to the country. It is so beautiful there and I know he's having a wonderful time. He is probably playing with his little friend Steven as I type this. Ah, how I can't wait to see what a spoiled mess he's going to be when he comes home! It never fails.

Now I on the other hand am sitting here twiddling my thumbs. What to do? I've aquired a list over the past hour of some possiblities. Nothing sounds amusing. I could always get some spring cleaning done or go browse some stores. The weather has put a damper on that though. I hate driving in the rain and I can't be in a cleaning mood with grey clouds and no sun. My day would typically be full of commotion and activity. Other than my little baby boy I also watch two four year olds but even they aren't here today. I could catch up on all of the TLC shows I've missed so much or better yet I could catch up on sleep. I could go chat with the neighbors or take a nice long bath. Maybe I could even paint my fingernails and toenails...that's long overdue! I could always go through all of Braxton's clothes for the gazillionth time and sort through clothes that he has grown out of. I imagine that the list could go on and on with endless possibilities. In the end I know the sad truth. The laptop will probably be glued to my fingertips and I'll be vegging out on the couch. Ugh, a wasted day a lone. It's only 9:00am and I already wish my husband were coming home from work. I never thought a day alone could be so boring!!!

This was my day yesterday....

So we're going for a nice stroll around the neighborhood. It's just Braxton, Jacob, Lillian and me. We come to the road that we've turned down many times before and there he sits. It's a huge bull mastiff....he barks a few times feeling us out. What do you do when this happens? This was all i could think of...
Me: "Kids walk backwards very slowly and no running"
Lillian: "I can't walk backwards."
Me: "Then TURN AROUND and walk slowly!"
Jacob: "Will he eat us?"
Me: "No, just don't run."
Lillian: "I don't think we like being dead."
Me: "Ya think?"

So I'm changing Braxton's diaper and applying some butt paste to his bottom. Of course as soon as the diaper comes off I have an audience. Lillian does her usual five hundred questions! "Why does he have to use that lotion?"..."Did we wear diapers when we were babies?"... "He's a boy? I thought all babies were girls?"...."Can I do the lotion?" (Of course that's a no!). She then takes the butt paste back to Braxton's room to put it up for me (she's a big helper). Well here she comes a few minutes later back down the hallway. She is walking a little strange so I ask her what's wrong. She spends the next ten minutes explaining how she thought her butt hurt a little and she wanted to have some lotion like Braxton. Apparently she wanted to use half the container too. Needless to say she had to have a bath at my house.

Other than that it was a gorgeous day here. I went for two walks b/c Brian wanted to take one when he got home.

Now I shall go and be bored on this rainy day!

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Audreee said...

I know how you feel. When my baby is not around, usually only briefly, my husband jokes that I don't know what to do with myself. I feel better after reading this.