Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My little monkey

Okay, I know I just blogged yesterday but I have to rant on and on about my little monkey. He has been such a trip today. I make the majority of my babyfood but had to give him a jar for breakfast this morning. The texture must not have been to his liking because he was gumming it like an old man/cow!!! It was hilarious. Peek-a-boo was another one of his little "games" this morning. His blocks suddenly became a hiding spot for his face, everytime I said peek-a-boo he freaked and did it again lol. The list goes on and on.
On another note, it is a beautiful day here. I think I might get off of my butt and go walking. Maybe that will distract me from the huge bag of chips in the cabinet. In my defense I haven't been drinking any soda. That might not sounds like a big deal for some but for me it's hard as...well you know. I've posted pics all over my fridge for motivation. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow my mom is taking Braxton for a couple of days. It's a little nerve racking but a break is always nice. She currently lives an hour away and doesn't get to see him that often. I think it's a good time for all of them to "get to know eachother" better. My mom babysits an eleven month old, so he has a little buddy over there. I'm sure everything will be fine (it's not the first time he's gone). Although I might blow her phone up by the end of the weekend!

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Audreee said...

He's soo cute. I call my little boy monkey, too(I guess it's not that original).
I'm adding you to my blog list.