Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Ramble A.K.A Blog

How is it that an 8 month old little boy can pack so much personality? Everyday Braxton shows us what he likes, what he dislikes, a flash of attitude, and a brilliant sense of humor. He's so full of life and he will definitely have my attitude. If he doesn't want something you will know about it, or be wearing it. For example, this afternoon I tried to reintroduce the pureed lima bean (didn't go over well the first time either). The minute it got into his mouth it was spit all over me and the highchair. Those little zerberts he blows have some power behind them! It was definitely time to clean up and move onto the little pieces of banana that are always a hit.

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angelbaby said...

hey there lil mama im so glad that I have you to talk to. You are the greatest friend and I'm truely blessed that god put you in my life to bless my days. I could have never asked for a better friend than you.
Luv ya