Thursday, March 20, 2008

Braxton is now 9 months old!

I'm a couple of days late with this but on Tuesday Braxton turned 9 months old. He's getting so big so quickly. It's hard to believe that he'll be a year old in 3 more months! Right now he's all about giving up the smooches. Nothing else new except his cruising is getting a lot better and he's getting more brave with letting go/switching from one thing to another. Here are some pictures of his first day of being 9 months old.

JUST woke up




Giving his reflection smooches

Everything has been pretty good here, although a little hectic. We've had a new sink and toilet installed and a roof guy come to estimate the price of getting our roof replaced. The toilet was wobbly and the man came back three times to fix it. UGH, it should be pretty simple to figure out. It's still not perfect but I'm tired of complaining and will just ask someone else to look at it. Who knew it could be that tough?

**Note: Some of the pictures might look a little off because photobucket wouldn't cooperate. I had to resize most of them (all but one) on my own.


angelbaby said...

I cant believe that is been 9 whole months since he was brought into this world. I love him some much. I hope that everyday with him has been filled with happiness. I hope that he makes you smile as much as cry, and laugh at every little things he does. I love you guys and maybe braxi aliitle more. hahaha

Audreee said...

What a cutie!!

Erika said...

Your little man is adorable! I really enjoyed reading your blog, Braxton sounds like a real character. :)

nicole said...

I just love the picture of Braxton and the mirror.