Monday, March 31, 2008


FINALLY my internet is working!!! It was only down for a few days but it seemed like forever. Braxton has been keeping us more than occupied though. I just thought I'd compile a little list of his favorites these days. Here it goes...

~ Playing with any drink bottle that is left sitting around (this is an old favorite that I don't think will die anytime soon!)

~ Opening and closing every door that he can get his hands on

~ Standing on and looking out of the screen door

~ Anything with wheels (He even makes these cute car noises when he pushes them)

~ Sweatshirt strings

~ The Puff craze continues

~ Cheerios

~ Walking back and forth to mommy and daddy (He gets way overly excited and falls)

~ His ride-on truck that he loves to push around the house

~ Playing peek a boo with random objects

~ Being outside

My list is going to have to end there because the little man that I speak so highly of is throwing a fit. He hasn't been fighting sleep as much but I think this is going to be one of those days!!! I'll be back with pictures!



Taking a few steps away from daddy (who is obviously a painter lol)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday!

Braxton's first Easter was wonderful. The morning started off with Braxton finding and digging through what the "Easter Bunny" brought him. It was so cute to see him fish all of the stuff out on his own. Of all of the little things in there he was more amused by the jars of baby food?? The puff filled eggs went over pretty well also.... but that was no surprise.


Church followed the basket adventure. Then we took a nice trip to my parent's house in Cumberland. We had the chance to spend the night there and to see my nephews.



Thursday, March 20, 2008

Braxton is now 9 months old!

I'm a couple of days late with this but on Tuesday Braxton turned 9 months old. He's getting so big so quickly. It's hard to believe that he'll be a year old in 3 more months! Right now he's all about giving up the smooches. Nothing else new except his cruising is getting a lot better and he's getting more brave with letting go/switching from one thing to another. Here are some pictures of his first day of being 9 months old.

JUST woke up




Giving his reflection smooches

Everything has been pretty good here, although a little hectic. We've had a new sink and toilet installed and a roof guy come to estimate the price of getting our roof replaced. The toilet was wobbly and the man came back three times to fix it. UGH, it should be pretty simple to figure out. It's still not perfect but I'm tired of complaining and will just ask someone else to look at it. Who knew it could be that tough?

**Note: Some of the pictures might look a little off because photobucket wouldn't cooperate. I had to resize most of them (all but one) on my own.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A bunch of this and that....

Here is the shirt Braxton wore for mommy's birthday!

My cake (with the letters a little mesed up lol)

Here is a picture of Braxton today eating his favorite...sweet potatoes. He doesn't want to be fed much anymore. I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that. It just seems to all be going very quickly.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Our weekend

This weekend was great, even though I missed my baby boy. Since my birthday is tomorrow we decided to celebrate all weekend. I hung out with my brother -in-law and his girlfriend on Friday. Saturday my inlaws took us out for supper and then my best friend let us stay the night at a hotel. We took advantage of the indoor pool. I hadn't gone swimming in a couple of years. It was really nice. Sunday we did some shopping and ate at my favorite mexican restaurant. All in all it was a good way to spend my break.

Braxton came home in a wonderful mood. That was a relieve because I wasn't sure how he would come back. He had a few bruises but I know it's hard to keep that from happening. He is very very mobile so it's pretty much gonna happen. He stands and cruises on anything he can find...stable or not.

I still have some birthday money to spend. Since I can't get enough of shopping I am looking foward to getting out tomorrow. I have to FORCE myself not to spend it on Braxton. Everyone who gave me money made it very clear that it should be spent on me. It's really hard because I don't think about stuff that I want very often.

*Edited to change the text size and color.*

Friday, March 7, 2008

Time Alone

Last night my dad picked Braxton up and they went on their way to the country. It is so beautiful there and I know he's having a wonderful time. He is probably playing with his little friend Steven as I type this. Ah, how I can't wait to see what a spoiled mess he's going to be when he comes home! It never fails.

Now I on the other hand am sitting here twiddling my thumbs. What to do? I've aquired a list over the past hour of some possiblities. Nothing sounds amusing. I could always get some spring cleaning done or go browse some stores. The weather has put a damper on that though. I hate driving in the rain and I can't be in a cleaning mood with grey clouds and no sun. My day would typically be full of commotion and activity. Other than my little baby boy I also watch two four year olds but even they aren't here today. I could catch up on all of the TLC shows I've missed so much or better yet I could catch up on sleep. I could go chat with the neighbors or take a nice long bath. Maybe I could even paint my fingernails and toenails...that's long overdue! I could always go through all of Braxton's clothes for the gazillionth time and sort through clothes that he has grown out of. I imagine that the list could go on and on with endless possibilities. In the end I know the sad truth. The laptop will probably be glued to my fingertips and I'll be vegging out on the couch. Ugh, a wasted day a lone. It's only 9:00am and I already wish my husband were coming home from work. I never thought a day alone could be so boring!!!

This was my day yesterday....

So we're going for a nice stroll around the neighborhood. It's just Braxton, Jacob, Lillian and me. We come to the road that we've turned down many times before and there he sits. It's a huge bull mastiff....he barks a few times feeling us out. What do you do when this happens? This was all i could think of...
Me: "Kids walk backwards very slowly and no running"
Lillian: "I can't walk backwards."
Me: "Then TURN AROUND and walk slowly!"
Jacob: "Will he eat us?"
Me: "No, just don't run."
Lillian: "I don't think we like being dead."
Me: "Ya think?"

So I'm changing Braxton's diaper and applying some butt paste to his bottom. Of course as soon as the diaper comes off I have an audience. Lillian does her usual five hundred questions! "Why does he have to use that lotion?"..."Did we wear diapers when we were babies?"... "He's a boy? I thought all babies were girls?"...."Can I do the lotion?" (Of course that's a no!). She then takes the butt paste back to Braxton's room to put it up for me (she's a big helper). Well here she comes a few minutes later back down the hallway. She is walking a little strange so I ask her what's wrong. She spends the next ten minutes explaining how she thought her butt hurt a little and she wanted to have some lotion like Braxton. Apparently she wanted to use half the container too. Needless to say she had to have a bath at my house.

Other than that it was a gorgeous day here. I went for two walks b/c Brian wanted to take one when he got home.

Now I shall go and be bored on this rainy day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My little monkey

Okay, I know I just blogged yesterday but I have to rant on and on about my little monkey. He has been such a trip today. I make the majority of my babyfood but had to give him a jar for breakfast this morning. The texture must not have been to his liking because he was gumming it like an old man/cow!!! It was hilarious. Peek-a-boo was another one of his little "games" this morning. His blocks suddenly became a hiding spot for his face, everytime I said peek-a-boo he freaked and did it again lol. The list goes on and on.
On another note, it is a beautiful day here. I think I might get off of my butt and go walking. Maybe that will distract me from the huge bag of chips in the cabinet. In my defense I haven't been drinking any soda. That might not sounds like a big deal for some but for me it's hard as...well you know. I've posted pics all over my fridge for motivation. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow my mom is taking Braxton for a couple of days. It's a little nerve racking but a break is always nice. She currently lives an hour away and doesn't get to see him that often. I think it's a good time for all of them to "get to know eachother" better. My mom babysits an eleven month old, so he has a little buddy over there. I'm sure everything will be fine (it's not the first time he's gone). Although I might blow her phone up by the end of the weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Ramble A.K.A Blog

How is it that an 8 month old little boy can pack so much personality? Everyday Braxton shows us what he likes, what he dislikes, a flash of attitude, and a brilliant sense of humor. He's so full of life and he will definitely have my attitude. If he doesn't want something you will know about it, or be wearing it. For example, this afternoon I tried to reintroduce the pureed lima bean (didn't go over well the first time either). The minute it got into his mouth it was spit all over me and the highchair. Those little zerberts he blows have some power behind them! It was definitely time to clean up and move onto the little pieces of banana that are always a hit.