Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally Updating!

Wow, I can't believe how much I've abandoned my blog!!! Let's see what I have to update on. We'll start with Braxton :). He is now 15 months old and very very wide open. The boy is definitely a climber and loves to scare the crap out of me lol. You name it and he's tried to climb on it! He's also speaking up a storm. It's so much fun to hear him actually ask for things. I'm starting to wonder what it's going to be like to have full blown conversations with him. His newest thing is saying "one" while holding up his index finger. We've taught him to do it when asked how old he is lol. It's super cute.

An update on me: Well, I've started weight watchers and it's really helping a lot. Four weeks ago I tried counting calories on my own and it was boring lol. So, I started going to the meetings the week after that. So far I've lost 10 pounds. I know the weight loss will be slow but at least it's a healthy way of losing. I also enjoy getting out of the house to go to the weekly meetings. Other than that I've just been busy with the usual things like cleaning, cooking and running after the little monster.

I hope to be able to post more often!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Great Outdoors

A fellow June mommy (Gentri) had some pictures of her little one (Cooper) playing in the sprinkler a while back. I remembered saying that it looked like fun and I should try it out sometime. Well, it didn't go over as well with Braxton. He ran from the water and smacked himself in the head everytime drops of it hit him. Although it was interesting for me to watch, not very amusing for him lol. We ended up kicking his ball around and pushing his car buggy. Even though the sprinkler wasn't a big hit we still had fun! If only the batteries in my camera hadn't been dead!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's getting kinda boring around here

We are in serious need of some new activities. Sitting at home has become very boring for Braxton and I both. I've thought of a million things we "could" do but nothing works out. Any ideas?

Here is an example of a bored baby...excuse me...toddler!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's just too catchy

So, I've been walking around for days with the Hillshire Farms commercial in my head. Ya know the one...guys grilling, sing/cheering about their hotdogs and brats. It's so bad that I considered getting cheddar wursts at the store last night, I don't even like them. GO MEAT!

Some pictures

12 Month Stats
Weight: 24.2 lbs
Height: 29 3/4 inches
Didn't get the head circ.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally another post :)

This week Braxton decided to transform into a clingy, fussy, tantrum throwing one year old. Luckily he started getting better yesterday but all of that listed above kept me from posting (or doing much of anything). We've had a lot going on in the Braxton department but nothing else excited to speak of. All bottles have been tossed out and we are on our last day of the milk weaning process. Yesterday he realized that he can hug things, not only kiss them. He is obsessed now with hugging his stuffed animals. It really is the cutest thing ever. When he gave his daddy a hug last night he patted him on the shoulder, as if it was a more manly hug. It really cracked me up, even though I'm sure it wasn't intentional. Now that he's napping I need to get off of this computer and get some rest. I'm exhausted from the 1 hour that I had to spend letting Braxton chase me down the hallway in and out of his room. The smallest things amuse him :).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

William Braxton is Offically One!!!

Sorry this was so late! I tried to post yesterday on his actual birthday but my computer wasn't having that! Braxton's birthday was a lot of fun. He enjoyed running around with his cousins and being spoiled rotten by the adults. When it came time for presents and cake he started to get tired and have a small meltdown. It was fine though and he enjoyed playing with his cake, yes playing because he wouldn't eat it. When we tried to feed him some he made a nasty face and spit it out lol. We ended up giving him a plastic folk and letting him tear it to pieces. Here are some pictures.

Setting up

The cake

Braxton and his auntie Billie Jo
This crown stayed on for exactly two pictures lol
The plastic knife that was quickly traded for a folk lol

I had to add this because this is his favorite thing to do these days. I think he's trying to give me grey hairs before my time!

I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's coming....

I cannot believe that Braxton's very first birthday party is going to be this Saturday! Even though a lot of people close to us can't make it, we are still hoping for the perfect birthday celebration! We went from 33 people to 27 people! This would normally upset me but I know that Braxton won't know the difference at this age. I'm soo glad that we started planning so long ago. I can just relax this week and wait for the day to come. Luckily we are having it at a local park and I don't have to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off to clean my house! Here are a few pictures of his invitation and his theme. As for presents, we bought him a couple big things and a couple of smaller things. Brian and I decided that we should spoil him this year since he won't remember. This way he won't expect it every year! Plus we had saved for a swing set that we decided against. We just used the money to get him several different things.
Invitations (so cute thanks to Anelys!)

Only 4 more days to go!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A New Style

I didn't realize it had been so long since I wrote a blog entry. Things have been pretty busy around here. We've been birthday shopping, going to birthday parties, and running errands. I'm very excited about Braxton's birthday gifts and want to tell everyone what we've gotten for him so far. It's driving me crazy having to keep a secret! Well, here are a few things that I can talk about :).

Yesterday I finally broke down and took Braxton to get a haircut. It was starting to get aggervating for all of us. Now that it's done I regret it a bit. He looks much more like a little boy than a baby. I have to say I miss the crazy hair.



Last weekend we had a yardsale but didn't have a great turn out. We couldn't figure out why until one of the customers told us that we had no signs up. Apparently they had fallen down with the storm we had had the night before. We still made some extra spending money though. I think we may try again this weekend.

Braxton was sick for a few days last week. He was running a fever (at it's highest was 103.2), runny nose, and he was just laying around on us. Turned out that he had another ear infection. After 3 days of the antibiotic he was back to normal again (thank goodness). That was the worst one he's had thus far. Normally we don't even know he has one.

Although it's been so long and I've been so busy, I can't seem to wrap my mind around anything to blog about today. I may come back tomorrow and post pictures of Braxton's first time in his "pool". It's so tiny that I don't think it can be considered a pool lol. Atleast it was easy to blow up!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

11 Months Old!!!

My baby is getting closer and closer to his first birthday! He turned 11 months old yesterday. Although it is a little bittersweet, I do absolutely love the personality that has shown itself lately. Playtime has become so fun for both of us. He interacts with us so much more and really gets down and plays. It is also sooo much more relaxing to only hear crying when the little guy gets tired! Here is a little update.
~ He is completely in love with his ball! He kicks it while he's walking, throws it at us, and we roll it back and forth.
~ Papa and ball have been added to his vocabulary. This was added to the list of mama, dadda and bye bye.
~ Loves to attempt spoon feeding himself. If I put food on the spoon he grabs it and puts it into his mouth. Every now and then I give him baby food so that he can practice.
~ Still loves dancing...of course!
~ Lately he is really testing his boundaries. Every time he touches something he's not suppose to (like pulling the socket covers out) he looks at us and grins. He doesn't throw tantrums when we take them away anymore, I guess we're taking baby steps on this discipline thing.
~ His latest accomplishment is getting up on his own. He has been walking for a while but he finally realized on the 12th of this month that he doesn't have to pull up on things.
Can't wait to see what next month brings!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Better

For the last week I haven't been feeling very well. I had a pretty bad cold that kept me down. After a few days of being sick I realized that I had a large bump where my c-section had been done. Infection started to spread pretty quickly so I went to the hospital and they pegged it as being MRSA. Today I found out my test results and thankfully they were wrong. It was just an ordinary boil (gross I know). I am still to finish out my antibiotics (which have helped this nasty cold some also). Very good news but I'm a little angry at the doctor for telling me without proof that I had MRSA. I even sent my little man to my mom's so that he couldn't catch it. In the end I guess all is well.

Of course pictures of Braxibutt are required :).

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was very special to me. Last year I was a mom-to-be only dreaming of what motherhood would bring. I've never been more proud of myself or my own mother. There are no words to describe how joyful being a mother is. Endless amounts of challenges are thrown your way and your left making impossible decisions about things you would have never thought twice about before. I only wish that I had known what my mother had gone through sooner. Now that I know the sacrifices one gives to tend to their children I would like to thank her a million times over. There is no gift in the world or no words good enough to give her the proper thanks. When my son becomes old enough to have children with his future wife, I hope that he understands what a precious gift he was to me. I hope that he can see all of the time I spent loving him and doing the best that I could by him. Now I have many more Mother's Days to look forward to. I can't wait to get the cards made with crayons and pure love. I can't wait to see all of the other precious gifts, trails and joyous moments my mother went through with all four of her children. Thank you mom for everything you've done and continue to do for us! I love you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will I remember?

Sitting with my husband last night after Braxton had gone to bed, I realized something. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember what it was like to hold my son as a newborn. The more pressure I put on myself to remember the more it became clear that I couldn't even picture his face in the hospital. The worst feeling came over me. It's a pain and a guilt that I couldn't just let pass. Shouldn't a mother be able to picture her offspring at any stage, regardless of how much time as passed. It's not like it's been years since he was born. If my memory cannot fully go back 10 1/2 months what will I remember a year from now? Will I be able to tell my son years down the road "I can still picture your sweet baby face" without it being a lie? Yes, I can envision snippets of his face but can't pinpoint exactly when his features changed or which month he had that chunky face and short spiky hair. This morning I had to wake up and go through every picture I have of him. I want to keep my memory fresh. When I tell my son stories of how he had abnormally large feet at birth or of how he was such a hyper little guy that he had his first real boo boo at 9 months, I want to see his face. I want to see that moment flash before my eyes. Time has gone by so quickly that I can't keep up. There have been 10 million gazillion precious moments in 10 months and I feel like I won't be able to store them all. Apparently I should've started blogging a long time ago!
In the hospital

One week old

3 months (before the major chunk set in)
4 months (daddy's idea lol)

6 months
9 months (thinning out)

I had to add this one because this is his new favorite toy! He loves to walk and kick it also.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I guess it's pretty obvious that I've changed my blog template. Since I had to redo everything on my sidebar it took longer than I had expected. It will be a long time before I do that again, even though I'm not completely happy with the template now. I also can't come up with a text color I like so everyone has officially been warned that my posts will look like a rainbow for a while.

On to more interesting things. My friend and I have been going to the gym together for the past week or so. Yesterday SHE had the bright idea to try a spinning class...HA! Let's just say we only made it maybe ten minutes into the class. The freaking warm up was cycling for five minutes at 100 mph. That was a whole workout for me! When the lady had us stand and cycle it was all over! I'll stick to the gym from now on. While at the gym Braxton stays in the daycare they have set up. So far it hasn't been great because he screams the majority of the time. Each time I think he gets a little better though. I just can't seem to time it to where he's had a nap or it isn't his actual bedtime. This is good practice for him though if I have to go back to work anytime soon (my husband is insisting at a year I have to go back!!!).

I was trying to post a video but I don't have enough time. I started it over 30 mintues ago and it was still uploading when I came back...?? Right now I have to deal with these 4 year olds that somehow took "Be quiet the baby is sleeping" as "Please sing the Wonder Pets song at the top of your lungs"! Ah, kids!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

This week seems to be dragging along (it's only Tuesday :-0 !!!). It's done nothing but rain and storm. We had three tornadoes in Virginia yesterday, one only about 20 minutes from here. I hate weather like this and can't wait for the sun to shine again! Saturday we enjoyed the last day of sunshine by taking Braxton to Maymont Park for the very first time. How can you beat a free park with animals, gardens, and an aquarium. It was a very long walk but it felt good to get out. Of course Braxton had a blast. He wasn't too fond of the pig that got a little close to him or the chickens. A little goat licked his hand though, and he was so excited. You would think that the chickens would seem less threatening than a goat but I could be wrong. It was his own special day because he got anything he wanted. He got his first taste of ice cream and pudding. He also got to have his paci all day which was a mistake. Now he wants it all of the time (back to square one on the weaning). After going to the park we went out to eat and Braxton got to ride on one of those rides that they place outside of Wal-Marts and such. He was laughing and having a good 'ol time. Of course it wouldn't be one of my blog posts without some pictures! :)

On a completely different subject, my husband and I are really excited with Braxton's birthday coming up so soon. What really sparked the excitement and made it seem so real was seeing the invitations complete. A very sweet and very talented woman, Anelys, designed them for us. She does excellent work and it was better than I had imagined! Thanks Anelys (http://www.3littleflowers.com/)! I really want to post a picture of the finished product once I get it but I don't want to ruin the suprise for people who might be getting one in the mail. I can't believe how quickly this birthday is sneaking up on us. Better go back to finishing the plans!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We have a new gardener....

....well kind of. Here is Braxton riding the lawn mower with his Papa Steve.

And a couple random pictures

Since I didn't post much about Braxton turning ten months, I wanted to tell a little bit about his favorites these days.

Loves ~ Walking everywhere (unless he has to crawl to find a place to pull himself up)
~ Waffles
~ Dancing (still a favorite)
~ Singing patty cake. He can't clap well so he just flings his hands up and down and will pat them together for "roll it, pat it"
~ Hiding from us. He gets very excited when we find him....he usually gets so excited that he comes from around the corner or door frame and squeals before we can even get there.
~ Playing with books
~ Being outside (he screams when we come in)
~ Watching cars go by. He will literally freeze and watch each and every one until it is out of sight.

Hates ~ Being confined (no excersaucer or being held too long)
~ Me trying to get him to use the sippy cup

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A busy week for us

Saturday afternoon we heading off to the chili cook-off in Richmond. It was fun and we got to taste a wide variety of different chilis. Some with very odd names like "swamp gas chili". We also got to hear and see a few bands. We didn't sit down and watch the music much because we were too busy walking around and enjoying ourselves. It ended up getting REALLY hot and we were getting sunburn, so we left a little early.
A great name for a restaurant!

I look rough...but here's us :)

Safetysuit (hope I got that right!)

Part of Puddle Of Mudd

The rest of the week has been pretty relaxed. Braxton had his first "spaghetti" yesterday. I actually cheated and got the Beechnut Table Time meal. He loved it anyway. Oh and I forgot to post that he is now 10 months old (since Friday!). Oh, how the time flies!!!

Looking a little shocked